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We can’t all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by. We can’t all be villains because somebody has to sit on the curb and heckle as they go by. I am the one who claps and heckles.

Times of India

Now, left to my own devices – I would never bother commenting on Times of India. In my opinion it is a tabloid in broadsheet format – which is fine by me but it is their self-proclaimed status as India’s and indeed world’s leading broadsheet that really irks me. I also hate Bennett Coleman and Company for a variety of other reasons but more on that on some other day. For now let us stick to the quality of reporting in their flagship paper – The Times of India. In fact – let us narrow down to one of their supposedly premier reporters CHIDANAND RAJGHATTA. I am assuming that he is one of the jewels in their crown since he reports from the US and they must be paying for his expenses here.

Now, if you just follow this guys reports for a month or so and if you are also an avid reader of US media outlets like the CNN, NY Times and the Washington Post you will start getting a feeling of déjà vu. Initially, that feeling played havoc with my mental state. I kept on thinking, “Man! How’s it that every time I read something by this guy I get this feeling that I’ve read about this someplace else earlier.” Then finally I got it right. This guy basically scans US media stories containing the phrases “India”, ”people of Indian origin”, “Sharma,Gupta…….etc” and then rewrites his own story from that. Of course, one has to give him that he is pretty good at giving those rehashed stories a great headline.

Want proof? Today’s story is “NRI doc’s king-size effort saves little heart”. Of course- that story was all over CNN yesterday. I rest my case.

View – Counterview

Times of India is soooooo cute. I am so thankful to their editors that they put so much energy in writing cute headlines for their mundane articles. In fact – I love their headlines so much that from now on I will have some of their best headlines in a condensed form for you – so that you can also thank your stars that the supposedly leading daily of India spends time and energy on getting you entertained rather than boring you to death by talking about less important issues like national economy/security/etc. etc. So here we go:

  • Female athletes don’t really take it all
  • Britain goes the Balle Balle way
  • Minority report puts Lalu on edge in Bihar
  • Lalu could milk goods to appease “aam aadmi”
  • Dramayana 2005
  • Beauty n The BJP ( Hema Malini campaigning for BJP – clever hmmm?)

Hold your breath for what’s coming tomorrow.

Seema Sirohi

She is the Jason Blair of India – rather of Outlook. Sitting from her comfortable perch in Washington DC, she feels qualified enough to write about first and second generation Indians, the American evangelicals in India, the emergency in Nepal and more.

She probably gets up in the morning, scans through Google news and picks up a story to write. If you want a sample of her recent musings and want to feel disgusted then go to

I don’t think even V.S. Naipaul is so eclectic in his writings. But then that is Outlook India for you.

Land of chanakya

Indian media has become one giant circus with Outlook leading the pack. Times of India reads like a tabloid, while no one reads Indian Express. The Hindu has all the pretensions of an unbiased newspaper while its editorials are more left to Mao. So what are we left with now?

Of course- we have the blogs. Lets expose these guys who want to sell India short. Lets talk about what they are doing to India. Lets talk about how they play into the hands of so called “secular” politicians. Yes – we can do it.