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He helped raise two kids

We are planning to buy a minivan and last weekend I went to test drive a few. Now, you don’t expect a lot of profound thoughts to come from your car salesman but then, you never know where you might pick up nuggets of wisdom. While driving the van, we started talking about why we need a minivan and I told him about my daughter, and my dog at which point he reminisced about his dog as well which he had to put down at the age of 17. “Can’t complain though”, the guy said, “I have two teenager boys and the dog was with them from the time they were born – he helped raise two kids, he did his job.”


What a way to describe what his dog did for him and his family and most likely, there wasn’t an iota of exaggeration. I think only people with dogs in their family can related to what he said and I immediately thought of Mojo and how he is already helping to raise our daughter. He sits at her feet, he is always protective of her, he is restless when she is not around. I can see her becoming a more humane and responsible person because she will be taking care of a loving creature right from her childhood. I am so looking forward to Mojo help raise my daughter as well.