Elections in India: The Stupid Manifesto

Every country’s people have a date with destiny. For modern democracies, that date comes in the form of an election day and probably its mundane and quiet feel makes people underestimate its importance. For people in earlier societies, the only form of changing their destinies was a violent revolution and voting in a booth definitely does not compare to the way a revolution can appeal and stir the raw human emotions.

For US, that date came in 2004 when despite knowing everything that they did at that time about President Bush, they chose to reelect him. It has been just over a year since his second inauguration and the country is now mired in a deep buyer’s remorse, wringing hands over the incompetence of this administration. Well, if you had your eyes open you’d have seen this coming when you were in that goddamned voting booth.

For India, that date was during these assembly elections. Just like the US elections affect the entire world because the US wields so much power in the world, elections in West Bengal affect the entire country because that’s where the communists get their power to be an irritant for the entire country. One would have thought that after seeing left’s role as a perennial road blocker on national scene (I personally prefer the term “pissu”), and their pathetic performance in their own backyard, the voters in West Bengal would strip these guys of their power. Alas, that was not to be – not only did they have a resounding win in West Bengal. They stormed back to power in Kerala too. If you thought that the things were bad until now, wait to see what happens next. Already, the pronouncements coming out from the left wing are ominous.

India is on its way to great economic might but despite all the hype and hoopla, the journey has only just begun and the leftists are keen to throw the baby out the baby with the bath water. It is sad that the destiny of the entire country might be altered because of the prevailing stupidity in West Bengal and Kerela.

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