Exception proves the rule

There is a good article in today’s Times of India by Chidananda Rajaghatta (“Indian ‘whizkid’ bowls media with NASA googly “). Read between the lines of this article and you will find many things that are wrong with Indian media (and probably by extension Indian society today).

1. We always look for approval from the West. We appreciate our own talent, culture only when the West reviews it favorably. Yoga, Pt Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussein, Buddhism, Ayurveda all became respectable only when the west started to accept them. Same goes for talent. There are thousands of engineers who have graduated from good engineering colleges as well as from IITs who decided to stay back in India but we worship only the IITians working in the silicon valley.
2. Our media is no longer in the profession of journalism. Everything is only a headline and the quest to break a story leads to errors like the one described in this article.

If Indian media cannot report correctly and truthfully on such a basic and simple story how can we trust them on stories related to Bombay blasts, Babri Masjid, Shankacharya or Best Bakery?

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