An anonymous person posted a comment on my blog ( treat all spelling mistakes as sic). I guess a point by point rebuttal is in order.

Without defending we uncouth Indians and without pandering to the white-skin ethos of deiscipline- may I ask you to look around and look deply and u wl find that beneath that veneer of civility and discipline, lies a crude human being doing exactly the same things once the external constrictions and rstrictions are removed.
Oh that age old argument – the one argument on which communism survived and the one which Ayn Rand would have called, “the dictatorship of the ordinary, the victory of the lowest common denominator.” That after all we are all in some way or the other uncivilized so why even bother.

The behaviour of Americans when the great black-out of New York is the ample testimony to that. remove them cops and u will find over-speeding, jumping red light s and so on.
You might not have noticed but during the great black out – the behavior of New Yorkers – by and large was exemplary. There were no riots on the streets, a huge mass of people walked miles back without complaining much and there was no organized looting. Of course there were some stray incidents but considering the size and population of that city those incidents can very well be ignored.

So let us not be overly moralistic and judgemantal- americans have been getting all those benefits n infrastructre and so can afford to be high n mighty. In India, with those scarcities, population pressure and competition for survival- let us be happpy that we still live reasonably decently and not kill each other for water, electricity and food.
Probably you did not read my entire posting and jumped to conclusion without having the patience to finish it. I have clearly said that with all the peer pressure it is still understandable that we behave the way we do in India. What explains our behavior in other developed countries? Our true civil values are not visible in India because everyone else is spitting his paan peek on the wall but in Chicago – Devon avenue sticks out like a sore thumb – just two miles or so from beautiful Lake Shore drive but could have very well been hundreds of miles away.

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