How Indian Express Got Its Groove Back!

Nothing could have made me happier than watching Indian Express getting its groove back. That effect has been augmented by the newly available e-paper from them. Frankly their earlier website sucked, but the e-paper simply rocks. It has a much better interface than Times of India’s e-paper and as good as Hindustan Times’.

In any case, what is the use of a great website or a good interface without great content? Exhibit A – Times of India.

Indian Express under Arun Shourie used to be a great newspaper and then while Shourie was still the editor it starting taking itself too seriously, thinking itself to be bigger than the story it was publishing. It became the paper of opposition – opposing everything and not standing for anything positive.

After years, it is getting back the true meaning of its tagline, “the journalism of courage”. Look at their coverage of the real-estate scandal being perpetuated by the local Delhi politicians, the hard hitting editorials, in particular by Shekhar Gupta.

Great going Indian Express – kept it up.

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