Main hoon con!

Everyone’s favorite star, the big B is now also a farmer. He bought agriculture land in Pune claiming to be a farmer from Jaunpur and yet cannot produce relevant documents now. Tch tch. But his faithful fans should not be worried – his political masters will get him anything in lieu of getting him to dance at their family weddings. Here is the article:
‘Farmer’ Amitabh wants more time
Pune (PTI): Amitabh Bachchan, who was asked by Pune district authorities to submit documents by November 25 in support of his claim of being a farmer, has sought time till December 30.
The actor had purchased 20 acres of agricultural land near Lonavala in the district in 2000 and got it registered on the basis of photocopies of documents allegedly proclaiming him to be a farmer from Jaunpur, near New Delhi.
Under the Tenancy and Agricultural Land Act, 1963, only farmers can buy agricultural land in Maharashtra. The district authorities issued a notice to Bachchan earlier in November, seeking the original documents.
“Bachchan requested us to give him time till December 30… and his request has been acceded to,” a senior district official said.

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