The 10 conservative principles

The 10 guiding principles of present-day conservatives (in no particular order):

  1. State and local rights are great – until those rights go against my beliefs. Thus, it is conservative to have local gun control laws be trumped at the federal level but it is liberal to have federal government mandate gay marriage rights.
  2. Government is bad – until it is used to enforce beliefs that I like. Thus, it is conservative to have the government peep in my bedroom, but liberal to enforce gay rights.
  3. Deficit spending is bad – until it is done to reduce taxes or pay for unneeded wars.
  4. It is not judicial activism if the conservative judges do it.
  5. Reagan could do nothing wrong – in fact, he was the one who proved that deficits don’t matter politically, as long as they can be spun the right way.
  6. I am righteous and you are a moron.
  7. “I heard Rush Limbaugh say it” ought to end any argument where you and I disagree.
  8. Melting ice-caps and glaciers are hoax – “I heard Rush Limbaugh say it”.
  9. Entitlement spending is bad – unless they are my entitlements.
  10. Down with high taxes – even though most conservative states end up taking in more dollars per capita from the federal tax base than they pay in.

Do you have suggestions for other principles that guide present day conservatives?

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