The Communist Manifesto

The hypocrisy is unbelievable, the pathos staggering. If it were not for the fact the main player in this Orwellian drama is one of the parties that holds a vice like grip over Indian polity we could have just laughed it away – as it stands now it is anything but a laughing matter because of the consequences it bears for the future of India. Here is what the CPI (M) general secretary had to say about the forthcoming visit of the US President to India:

CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat said the Left parties also decided to launch a nation-wide campaign to culminate when US President George Bush visits India in March. ”The protest is being launched against US foreign affairs policy which is simply aimed at suppressing countries like Iraq for its economic and political interests.”

Now, we all know that Saudi King Abdullah will be the chief guest at this year’s Republic Day parade and we’ve not heard a pip-squeak of protest from these guys! A monarch from a country that has exported terrorists and its intolerable and cruel form of Islam, a country which possibly has links to the recent terror attack in Bangalore, a country where no other religion except Islam is recognized and nobody except Muslims have any religious rights, a country where women don’t enjoy any rights, where most men cannot vote, a country that is the absolute scum of this earth – the monarch of that country is welcomed with silence if not with open arms; but somehow the US is a pariah, an evil force for the communists.

But wait, haven’t we seen the same level of hypocrisy from the communists before? After all, these are the guys who could not stop singing paeans of Stalin and Mao! King Abdullah is almost a Mahatma compared to those murderers so why should it stop the communists from serving their self-interest like always?

They think that if they oppose or point fingers at any middle-eastern regime they will be losing their Muslim vote bank. Of course, they do not realize that by treating the minorities in this manner they are not only insulting their judgment but also the commitment of Muslims to this country.

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