The World According to Azim Premji

I stumbled across this month old article in Stanford Alumni magazine. I imagined that a lot of blogs would have linked to the article but a technorati search yielded only 5 total hits (and only 3 relevant ones) – so I decided to link it here, definitely worth a read. Premji, as many of you might already know, is a Stanford alumni. Here is a teaser from the article:

“Okay, let’s go,” he said one minute and 20 seconds into the conversation. Azim Premji, multibillionaire and leading architect of India’s surging economy, wouldn’t let another second slip away on small talk.

Five minutes earlier I had passed through the main gate of Wipro Limited’s headquarters campus, bidding goodbye to the dust clouds hanging over endless construction sites and disoriented holy cows foraging in garbage-strewn roads. The taxi had made it to the edges of Bangalore with its steaming gridlock and diesel fumes belching from buses—and the city’s ubiquitous three-wheeler autotaxis, which make roaring chainsaws seem tranquil.

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