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Times of India is soooooo cute. I am so thankful to their editors that they put so much energy in writing cute headlines for their mundane articles. In fact – I love their headlines so much that from now on I will have some of their best headlines in a condensed form for you – so that you can also thank your stars that the supposedly leading daily of India spends time and energy on getting you entertained rather than boring you to death by talking about less important issues like national economy/security/etc. etc. So here we go:

  • Female athletes don’t really take it all
  • Britain goes the Balle Balle way
  • Minority report puts Lalu on edge in Bihar
  • Lalu could milk goods to appease “aam aadmi”
  • Dramayana 2005
  • Beauty n The BJP ( Hema Malini campaigning for BJP – clever hmmm?)

Hold your breath for what’s coming tomorrow.

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