Wynand Papers

For anyone remotely familiar with Ayn Rand’s works should know what I am referrring to. In “The Fountainhead” Gail Wynand is a media barron who came from gutter and got rich by selling tabloid style papers to the public. People eagerly bought whatever he had to sell because it included gossip, innuendos, spicy stories – you get the picture! You don’t? Well man go out and buy today’s Times of India and you will get a much clearer picture of what a real life Wynand Paper looks like.

Towards the end of the novel Wynand changes and tries to redeem himself by standing behind novel’s protagonist. However, this time public leaves him because he has spoilt the taste of public so much that all they want is trash. They do not want any serious journalism. This is called dumbing down of the readership-precisely what Times of India has achieved with its “tabloid soul in a broadsheet body” newspaper.

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