You go kid!

Nine year old Ajay Puri was honored by Prime Minister Singh at the inaugural session of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. The prime minister congratulated him and asked him to keep up the good work. Other politicians were beaming and angling to get a picture clicked with the kid.

Fast forward 30 odd years

Young Ajay Puri has grown to be a real whiz-kid, in the mold of his childhood idol, Bill Gates and Narayan Murthi. Puri was today criticized severely by politicians who cut across party lines to denounce Puri’s speech in which he blamed India’s politicians for being an albatross around the country’s neck and hindering her progress. Geve Dowda, son of former Prime Minister, Deve Gowda claimed that running a company is no big deal, Puri should try and run the country or keep his mouth shut.

Puri in turn said that India’s politicians have given a new meaning to the phrase deja-vu. He said that he will retire and watch his collection of “Back to the Future” series.

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